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3 beans left, last try to get his right! skunk widow berry / blue widow / honey trap!

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    3 beans left, last try to get his right! skunk widow berry / blue widow / honey trap!

    starting the soak today gonna throw em in damp paper towel once cracked for a day or 2 then will put in soil gonna try to get some seedling cubes like a roto rooter or rockwool cube to start them in but either way this time for sure will not over feed and stick to ph water recharge and silica only for the first few weeks..

    got some ffof left gonna mix with perlite worm castings and some D EARTH.. has anyone use d earth as a soil amendment for silica and mixed it in with your soil not just on top of soil?

    these plants will be a behind a few i started around a month ago this is still considered my first grow i guess.. any ima gonna see what they like ad dont like to learn what these seedlings will like..

    gonna try to update pics every few days and start a little journal on this post.

    any tips on seedlings stage of growth what do you guys give your seedlings?

    Why not just use FFOF and don't put any of hat other shit in it. Don't give them anything but PHd water for the first 3 weeks.
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      i added perlite cause i dont like the drainage on ffof and adding a little worm casting dont hurt and d earth is for silica and kills pests

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      Silica is natural in soil it's always there but keeping it simple will be your best bet. Armor si from gh is a silica additive de I would only use for pests. Just use the ffof it will be enough for 3-4 weeks. More nutes doesn't mean more growth or bigger yields. Don't go over board and keep reading the guides. Keep it simple.

    I'd skip that paper towel nonsense. Sometimes you will damage the roots when separating from the towel. After the soak right into the dirt. Since you have only 3 seeds left why risk it? I use distilled water PH 7 for a couple of weeks, but maybe you better stick with PHd 6. Fox Farm Grow Big recommends 1/2 teaspoon per gallon of water for seedlings, but as advised by kingfish i wouldn't tinker with that until you have some growth. Better to play it safe.


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