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Accidently pushed mother plants into Flowering (Have questions)!

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  • Deadhead91
    I’d take clones and that will be called monster cropping where they grow like crazy and fast but if you could possibly reveg the mother plants too any pics can definitely help determine if you can or not for sure

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  • 9fingerleafs
    Yes yes yes I actually have waited until flower stretch couple times when I didn’t want to take any main branches and I took those little sub-branches making an effort to reach the light, they’ll take longer to get going and the first leaves are going to look like crap but she will get better. I’d say it took 6 weeks from cutting the branches til full vegetative growth

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  • Accidently pushed mother plants into Flowering (Have questions)!

    It appears I messed up my light cycle and both my mother plants look about a week into flowering. Little white hairs appearing everywhere.

    1. Can I take clones from them still?
    2. Can I revert them back into veg mode without killing them?
    3. Can any clones I take still be vegged out for a while and then re flowered?

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