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She’s going into the dark

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    She’s going into the dark

    My Northern Lights girl is going into the dark. I’m going to do approximately 36 hours. Thanks to all here for your most valuable information and support.

    Here are some “bud-shots” taken at lights out last night.


    Absolutely perfect my friend. Congratulations
    current grow CFL Scrog


      Beautiful. Great job.

      Wise man say."Always someone who know more."


        Always a great time making it to harvest. Nice looking plant.


          Hey Bigpapa Looks great!
          My girls are in the darkness too... They think the lights are going to come on in 30 minutes - haven't realized anything is amiss yet! Sorry girls!
          I'm harvesting tomorrow afternoon (34-ish dark hours) probably right along with you - In Solidarity!
          Coco/Perlite with High Frequency Auto-Fertigation
          4x4 Tent, 2@ Viparspectra 450 Reflector Series LEDs
          GH Nutes including: Flora Trio, CALiMAGic, Rapid Start, Armor SI, Liquid KoolBloom, and Diamond Nectar. Also: SM-90 and H2O2

          Current Grow Journal: Coco/LED 6 Manifolds Grow #2 Harvest 407 grams = 14.5oz June 2018
          Completed Grow Journal: Coco/LED 6 Manifolds Grow Harvest: 289 grams = 10.3oz March 2018
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            Same here. The next time she see light it will be harvest time. That will be Thursday @ 2000 PST.

            Can’t wait. 😎


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