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1st grow used LST method and some plants are spiraling

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    HELP! 1st grow used LST method and some plants are spiraling

    Hello, this is my first grow and I’m growing five plants under LED lights using the LST method which had been going flawless until recently. My plants are growing great however there are a couple that I’m concerned with, the main stem on all of them had been growing perpendicular to the topsoil and I got tons of new colas however now that the plants are older the stems are more rigid. The main stem now basically goes right to the edge of the pot and I’m having trouble pulling the top towards either the left or right side because the main stem wants to twist when I pull to tie it down. I’m wondering if my plants are going to be too lopsided when they flower and potential snap? Also I was wondering if I were to transplant to a 5 gallon fabric pot and plant it off to the side so I have more room to train it in the proper direction could I still get a nice spiral shape before flowering? Thanks for any help or opinions on my situation
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    From what I can see going to a bigger pot would help give you more room to work but you might want to look under the plant training tutorials and look for supercropping it's used for when the steaks are hard and Ridgid I have used it a little but I have heard alot of people report great luck with it.
    1.5x3x5 virtual sun grow tent
    Oppolite 315 LEC
    4" 190 cft. Exhaust with carbon filter.
    1 candy kush express using general hydroponics and botanicare
    1 candy kush express using advanced nutriants iguana line.

    Both will be using hydrogaurd and botanicare sweet.


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      Hey BC420, they look kinda big to be transplanting, like Boco said, super cropping is very easy, you can train them to go wherever you want them, read Nebulas articles on how to do it, its really easy 420.

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      Yeah I was just saying it would give more room but super cropping would be better. Just to clarify.

    BobbyC420, Circle that plant around your pot back to itself. You can use weight to help slowly bend it down, and yes Supercopping is a GREAT way to get a stubborn/larger branch to go the way you want. If it breaks, tape it back were you want it.
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      I discovered stress training a long time ago, just about the time I walked up on my babies and saw that most of my patch was bent and broke by the hooves of some dancing quadrapod getting jiggy on my future stash. At first I was devastated but as the days passed into weeks I watched those boken, bent stems go on to be substantial producers.
      About the plant placement in the pot, regardless to how you want to train or grow it I firmly believe the main stock is better placed in the center of the pot. In my opinion the root ball should be allowed to develop omnidirectionally without resistance. I have no science or fact to back up my opinion just observation and logic. The roots are the living foundation and if the foundation is strong and healthy then whatever stressers weigh on the exposed plant can be better dealt with and recovery more assured. With enough string, sticks and ties you will be able to shape that plant into a fine piece of topiary art. G


        It might help if you prune off some of the branches pointed into the circle. Clones!
        Nothing is foolproof for the sufficiently talented fool.


          Hey BobbyC420 just as a side your last picture it looks like you have a 4-way plug stick/adaptor underneath your plants....please be careful with water and electricity)
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