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extreme variation in strain phenotypes

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    extreme variation in strain phenotypes

    Having in the past only grown one plant of a strain this year I grew more than one. I noticed the extreme variation that can occur. As an example the photo is of two plants from Blueberry seeds. It seems that one plant takes after the Afghani side of its parentage while the other after the Thai and Purple Thai side of the family. These were seeds from not a premium breeder. However I saw variation between two Nirvana Aurora Indicas, and two Master Kush plants. I guess every plant has its own personality. Doing a little further research I discovered this individuals study of ten Master Kush plants. What diversity in the multicultural world of cannabis!

    Both very nice plants


      Although I've only got a few seasons behind me, I have experienced having identical strains producing multiple phenotypes. I had a Money Maker(one of 5 girls) that exhibited a very Sativa dominant trait and she grew into a monster. Even the really serious breeders admit that it's almost impossible to produce a dead bang sure thing every time so Forrest was right-ya never know what you're going to get....
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        Life IS like a cannabis cultivation!!!!

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        And from that moment on...wherever I was going....I was SMOKING!

      Phenotype expression is the ability to present multiple genetic expressions based on environmental influence. This is for the same reason why feminized plants can go hermie, although the plant is still technically female but presents male genetic components.
      Two plants with different phenotypic expressions have the exact same DNA and if you take clones from each or make feminized seeds, the DNA goes unchanged. Only through sexual reproduction does the reordering of chromosomes take place.
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