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    Just wanted to brag about my latest harvest and I only had two plants of which were pk and let them grow naturally to see how how big I could get one main cola. Used advanced nutrients and did the connoisseur grow master and did 1/4 of the recommended levels of the calculation chart of which u can download there app which is called bud labs!!! I have been using these nutrients for 5 years now and I was shocked not to see them in nebula haze nutrient tutorial. I am sure it must have been due to no kickback or whatever it was but I tell u what. Look at the pic of my main cola using t-5s for veg and then putting them under my two 750 k5 kind leds and forgot to mention in soil baby!!!!! Got to love that !!!! No co2 just 1/4 strength advanced nutrients and bulya!!! Bigger than my arm and fatter than my thigh. Happy growing to y'all and my best advice is to read ur plants daily and react quickly when u have a problem and don't over water them girls as they can only drink so much!!! Peace out

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