Hello, Growers!

The GrowWeedEasy forum as accrued such a massive database that it killed our server! We're working on the issue right now and we'll be back soon with an even faster loading forum. See ya soon!

9/12/17 Update: We're still working on the issue. Don't worry, the GWE Forum isn't going anywhere! In fact, it will perform much faster once we fix our OUT OF CONTROL database! See ya soon! :)

9/13/17 Update: We've finally got all the data backed up! Unfortunately, the situation was even crazier than we thought so we've called in professionals. Unfortunately, this means it will be at least a few days before the GWE forum is back up and running.

We're really sorry for the delay and we know it's frustrating. Just know that we're frustrated with these problems too, and we're doing everything we can to fix them them and make sure they never show up again. Thanks for being patient for us. We need your goodwill right now more than ever!

9/18/17 Update: We're working with a professional who is experienced in this particular problem and he's helping us fix our problem. (Yaaaaay!) We cannot promise a timeline, but we will have a forum up again no matter what, and we hope it's soon! Thanks for your patience, growers. We can't wait tto be back up and running!

~Nebula & Sirius