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Purple veins buds

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  • Purple veins buds

    growing outside fighting purple veins leaves buds

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    First question would be:

    Is the plant showing any other problems that would indicate it's actually a problem and not genetics?

    I'm an old man with dementia, there are times I don't recognize myself in the mirror, why the hell are you taking advise from me?!

    The Ganja Ged Thread Mischief, Mayhem, Dementia, what more could one want?

    Until you can explain to me why a person in America should ever be subject to imprisonment when they have injured no other person, stolen nothing, and damaged nothing, any argument you have against changing current drug laws is moot..


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      Purple plants They start out purple in the veins then goes through entire plant turns dark purple and dries out all 6 strains happens last year too? Sandy soil with half large bag of mirical grow dirt around each plant


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