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✨ Best temperature & humidity for drying and curing? ✨

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  • ✨ Best temperature & humidity for drying and curing? ✨

    When drying your buds and curing them, what's the best temperature and humidity?♨️💧 I've read that you want to keep it cool (60-70 F) to keep all the smells, but I've also heard to keep it warmer (70-75 F) to prevent mold. Do you just do your best? 💥 As far as humidity it seems like people agree you want it about 50%, but what's the best way to make it higher or lower? Does the temperature matter after you already jarred the buds? 🌱🌿
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    I like 60/60 range
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      Hi berry

      I agree with Tika, I'm at 62 70 and it's drying like a champ no mildew or mold 2nd time and it's great!
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        I have storage room in my basement which gets in the 50s in winter. Is where I dry, cure and store my weed in mason jars. The RH usually is in the 20-40% pretty much year round. Like I said before. I kept it up to 2 years. No change in quality.


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          If you have to take down your crop a little sooner than you'd like, should you do anything different during the drying / curing to maximize the potency smell that you do have?


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            I wouldn't think so,

          • kingfish
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            No, I don't think I would.

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          If you jarred the bud, I would recommend getting some humidity packs (I get the 62) and put it in a jar. These will help maintain humidity within the jar.


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