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My small grow room

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  • My small grow room

    This is what my Grow Room looks like. The light is 150 whatever, spouse to be one of the better lights out there. I don't agree. First of all it wouldn't work when I first got it & it was easier to have it repaired in the area that I live in, instead of returning it. Now, I wish I had returned the light. Bought the hydroponics setup & grow tent off of Ebay. Again the tent is spouse to one of the best, it doesn't have a reflective inner area like some that I have seen. So, I put up aluminum foil & lowered the light. Not sure what to do at this point. Need some help. I have to tell you all that I live in Mexico.
    My light My only one so far My grow tent from the outside

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    Just wondering if there's a question there?


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      Good start for a short girl. good luck!


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        I couldent see a fan to move air around inside room you should have two on opposing sides high and low set on low speed just enough breeze also alum.can cause hot spots and burn plants when bigger! Good luck just my .02 $ PS lower light so plants don't stretch so much about 18 to 20 inches should do it .


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