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  • Too much growth?

    one of my plants is so full of growth it seems to be crowding itself. I need to take 1-2 clones off of her before we go into bud which is like 2 full weeks away .. I topped her and the sprouts from that are like 1" long but it's so full u can't even see... should I thin her out or just let it go being that she will stretch a lot when transition into bud... I've never had a plant so full of growth and the others in my tent are not this full.. please any input will be greatly appreciated!!! This plant is master kush from

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      The only problem I can see is all the water spilled everywhere.


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        Lol... I had just sprayed my foliar spray right before the pic... I have a habit of hitting them hard with spray, 1 time I'll use foliar spray, the next (1-3hrs later) I spray with tap water ... I use botanicare pure blend pro with all the additives but foliar spray is some pbp grow + liquid karma (best additive I have ever used, works great in my schedule and in spray form)

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