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  • topping

    On my second plant,doing a lot better, with everybody advice, already started low stress training, plant doing good has 5 sets leaves, doing the bending of main stim already, want know can I still top it, since it growing straight up again, strain is willow

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    Yes cut it back to the third for starters!
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      What Sonnyhad said. You can top it if there are 5 sets. I topped mine with only 4 sets of leaves and they did great! You just cut back to about halfway so like Sonnyhad said, the 3rd set would be perfect.
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        Jeff, did you tie it down with something where you bent it? If you do pinch the top, the other colas will start to form faster.
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          Yes, I did bend it, I read in you topic top it before LST, but I thought I would try LST first and see how it works out, thanks for the info


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            If it's an auto and you have already bent her 90degrees, why top her ?? Imo gonna slow her down at least a week or two.more


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              After topping and LST I have 6 new nodes commimg up , can I top them when they get a certain height, if the plant is growing well


              • Sonnyhad
                Sonnyhad commented
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                If you have an auto, then I would only top it once, but what you do with it from there is endless, well not quite but you get the idea.

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              Is your plant an auto or photo ?


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                Its white widow weed


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