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    I have read enough books the question I have for a first time grower long time smoker do I grow with soil or hydroponic

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    Depends on your budget and how comfortable you are with growing.

    hydro is more complex with better growth rate and yields.

    soil/coco coir is easier and harder to fuck up.
    Grow and good luck!
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      Originally posted by furrysparkle View Post
      Depends on your budget and how comfortable you are with growing.

      hydro is more complex with better growth rate and yields.

      soil/coco coir is easier and harder to fuck up.
      Soil/Coco you can grow organic.
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        Coco coir is a great first timer.
        I like to help doesn't mean Im qualified.

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          My first grows were outdoor soil grows. Then I did partial indoor/outdoor soil grows. Now I am doing 100% hydroponics in a fully controlled environment. All that being said, if you do your research, you could start out with hydro and have success, it just depends on how much effort you are willing to put in. If you are like me and make this a full-time hobby, hydro would be the best way to go for your yields. However, if you feel like taking it a bit easier and getting started slowly, I would say soil or CoCo is the way to go. Just my opinion but I will also say no matter which you choose, there will likely be very knowledgeable people on here to guide you along the way should you run into problems!
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            Hi TwoRowdy welcome to the forum. It also depends on your personal environment and how fat your wallet is. If you live somewhere real hot, don't go hydroponic unless you have lots of money to spend to keep your reservoir cool. If you lived in an air-conditioned environment, that would make a big difference. I went with stealth hydroponic grow boxes cuz stealth was very important to me, and I didn't have the time or knowledge to set up a grow room from scratch.
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              It don't get no easier than growing with KindSoil. You can still buy all the newest nutes and fancy growing stuff to look at but you won't need them. All you need is PHwater , seed, pot an KindSoil. Why make something more difficult than it needs to be.


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                Well said six nine. I love my hydro but I hate the work will not hate there's just a lot to do every night. But the results are wow


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                  I've done both. Love hydro. It is a bit of a science project/hobby, which suits me fine. You'll need dedicated indoor space with good ventilation. Heat is your enemy. CMH lights are pretty warm/hot compared to the LED's I also use.
                  I like hydro for control, speed and results. The control part is, you run into a problem, change the nutes or add what you need and its instantly available to your plants. From clone to harvest is about 14-15 weeks, which is pretty fast. Results are far better than what I can buy and I live in a good area for that. Home grown just can't be beat, if you handle it properly.
                  Good luck.


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                    Thanks for the responses they all help now just choices


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                      I'm leaning towards soil for first grow. Auto or photo is another choice to make. If you go auto, no issues with 12/12 timing or light leaks and faster to harvest. A couple of pointers: PH control and light strength are very important factors. And, I wouldn't recommend bag seed unless you want to just practice germination. I would recommend buying feminized seeds at first. It just removes some complications like sexing for regular seeds and you know what you're buying. If you plant bag seed it could be male or it could be sativa. Sativa rocks but it can take 4-5 months to flower.
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