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    Hello everyone, I want to know if a friend bought a seed on Nirvana? How did you track your parcel?
    I am in Asia. The first time I bought some seeds in the recommended Nirvana. $ 200. But six weeks passed, I did not receive anything. And the seller told me they could not keep track of my parcel. My order has a marijuana spread kits, which are shipped in two separate parcels according to the seller. I know that the toolkit is legal. Should be able to have the mail code, you can let me track my parcel to where or what happened. But no, the seller said that they do not have any information can be provided to me, but let me go to the post office query! Okay, I went, but the postman told me that there was no international mail to me. If you want to know where the message is, you must have a mail number.

    Now sellers say they are not responsible. But can give me 3 packs of seeds that "goodwill"。 But I bought 5 packs of seeds and a cannabis spread toolbox! If I am responsible for the risk of transport I will not buy it! Their various transport guarantees are shit!
    If the first two parcels I can not receive (one is legal). That now give me the "goodwill" can i receive it?

    what should I do now? I am the farmer to lose these seeds! Who can recommend safe transportation of seeds??So that the Asian farmers can get a good seed!

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    Where in Asia are you?

    if your country has extremely strict customs I can see your package getting seized. Especially if you're in China or Singapore.
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      Yes i was in the country you said. But the legal toolkit why I did not receive it. How can we safely receive the seeds?


      • furrysparkle
        furrysparkle commented
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        Underground seed dealers?

      • fly9
        fly9 commented
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        I bought it at nirvanashop

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      My recommendation.. if your not to picky.. buy some seedy weed from a friend or something or ask friends to save seeds.. preferably ones you trust with your freedom.. and grow those.. you can always improve the strain you have..


      • Daskahn
        Daskahn commented
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        If your in China there's some pretty good green there if your in Singapore give up cus it ain't worth it ... visit another country

      • furrysparkle
        furrysparkle commented
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