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Clear and Amber living together, what a world!

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  • Clear and Amber living together, what a world!

    Hi All,

    I think my lady is ready to harvest, but I'm not totally sure. I have pocket microscope and as of today, I'm seeing lots of cloudy trichomes, a few clear ones, and even fewer amber ones. I didn't expect to see amber & clear together, so I'm a little confused now. I don't want to wait longer and let it get too amber just in hopes of getting the rest cloudy. I don't have pictures, because my pocket microscope isn't just envision like 80% cloudy, 15% clear, and 5% amber.

    Should I wait until I don't see clear trichomes anymore (but have far more amber) and just risk the couch-lock or should I go ahead and chop her down? Appreciate your feedback!

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    Honestly that is a grower's decision, if you want to wait to see if you'll get more cloudy then take the chance of having a bit more amber. If you want to get to the dry and cure then cut her down!
    Grow and good luck!
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    • furrysparkle
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      Also if you are using this for a purpose then take that purpose into account.

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    Sounds like it's ready to your liking. But let me ask...
    Are you looking at calyx? Where the hairs come out of.
    Or the sugar leaf? The leaf will turn before the calyx. And the calyx is the true teller of ripeness. Hope this helps you decide if it ready to chop. Good luck
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      Thanks Furry & CaliKid! I haven't been able to check the calyx b/c it's pretty inaccessible with the pocket microscope with my current set-up. I saw single digit amber trichomes on the leaves, so I'll have to figure out a way to get up in the calyx to further investigate. If I can't get a clear view of the calyx, I may cut down one of the smaller bottom buds so I can view it on a flat surface. My purpose is purely entertainment, so I'm aiming for a more "fun" high than a sleepy one. This is my first grow, so I'm going to learn a lot from my choice regardless. Here's hoping my next post is about (it's super-amazing) potency, haha. Cheers!


      • Californiakid
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        Keep in mind that the lower buds don't get as much light so they develop slower than the main colas.
        Good luck.

      • furrysparkle
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        You can also harvest in parts.

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      You could always do a partial Harvest take a few tops off but the rest ripen sounds like your windows open good stuff.


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        Consider other variables too when making the decision: Breeders finish range (like 7-9 or 8-10 weeks) and how are the pistils? Mostly brown and shriveled in towards the buds?
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          Same situation here with two very different strains. I do an incremental harvest to help determine the effects and when to cut. Which is not 100% due to lack of curing, but does give a good hint. A friend thought he'd wait till all were white with quite a few ambers.
          He ended up with knock out buds. Great for sleeping, but not much else.


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            Hi All,

            Thanks for the variety of thoughts - I think I'll take you up on the partial harvest. The pistils are about 50% brown/shriveled on the lower buds, about 25% on the top buds, but there are amber trichomes on all. The top buds are so big; I really hate the let them age longer and turn into stinky ambien. The bottom buds are all so small, there's no regret if I let them do their thing for a while longer and they get a little too sleepy. It literally never occurred to me to do a partial harvest...I really need to train them next time so I don't have such sky-high stems.



            • alltatup
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              Haha, i like that: "stinky ambien"! yes indeed, screw that!

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