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Bubble hash to RSO

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  • Bubble hash to RSO

    Hi all, have some bubble hash that is killing my lungs, what if I diluted with everclear and boiled it down, would that be Rick Simpson oil?

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    After I harvest my first plants, I plan on making dry ice hash with all the trim and at least half of the flower. Then I will try to turn a portion of the hash into RSO, not sure if I will add Everclear or just slowly raise the heat after decarb and try to melt it.


    • Dagmar
      Dagmar commented
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      I've made RSO a few times with both bud and/or trim and I've made bubble hash a few times with both bud and/or trim. I'm not sure if what you're making with hash would even be called RSO but even if it was, what's the point of the extra step?

    • GreenDragonRon
      GreenDragonRon commented
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      Dagmar, the reason I'm planning to turn my dry ice hash to RSO is that I'd like an edible concentrate. I'm not planning on making RSO the traditional way because I don't want use that much solvent and I think it'll be a better product.

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    Pan, I didn't care very much for straight bubble hash either so I just broke it up and sprinkled it over bud in joints or bowls. It's much easier on the lungs, I think.
    I like big buds and I can not lie.


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